Album: "Colourise The Ocean"
Official Release: Sept 23th 2011
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After some month of quietness we're back right now with some kind of amazing piece of music video history! We didn't even spared any expenses, opened a warphole and just dropped back in time for producing one of the most expensive highest quality music videos your eyes ever have seen. For sure all the actors are some of the best hollywood stars ever known and we think they really did a great job to make this video as authentic as it already became!

We really hope it was worth it and you enjoy "As Grotesque As I Am", a journey through mankind's sexuality! And don't forget to share this for us! We really appreciate it!

There will be some more news regarding upcoming shows, songwriting and so on but please be patient... today it's just video time!

the MMATA guys


Today is the day. Our record "Colourise The Ocean" is out now :-) You can order it via amazon, itunes or other pages, at every record shop or at our hands.

To put it bluntly: We don’t want to become rich with that, but we put a lot of heart’s blood, hard work and a bunch of money into the the creation of the record, and we depend on the appreciation of the people who love the music as much as we do.

YOUR help and support will give us the possibility to create records, stay alive as a band and to play shows, be on tour. We appreciate your support so much, thank you guys and girls! Please help us to keep that alive.

love ya all ♥

And last but not least: Take the noise!


We are very stoked to get the first record reviews these days and of course it's balm for our dark souls that it was worth to spend that long period of time in working on COLOURISE THE OCEAN.

Please have a look on the following reviews:

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