Album: "Colourise The Ocean"
Official Release: Sept 23th 2011
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"People have difficulty in understanding each other. There are less maniacs than we suppose", the Philosopher Claude Adrien Helvétius figured out many years ago. At the same time, mania has long been daily routine. Not only in the context of the self-created problems of our modern world, but also as an accepted, even desired aspect, which should be reinvented again and again. ME, MYSELF AND THE AUDIENCE has discovered this path. Starting as a project by schoolmates, it was growing and became an ambitious collective, which isn't easy to pigeonhole. In addition to brute breakdowns, blastbeats and catchy moshparts, the musicians also live their sense of chaotic disharmonies, Jazz-influenced parts and surprising electronic elements. To combine these conflicting things and act something out, which is repressed in our normal course of life is a facet, the band stands for.

Passion for music and the absolute will to make headway has been part of the band since it was established in 2005. Starting from the contemplative Bavarian alpine scenery the band has played more than 100 shows in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Uninhibited energy and extraordinary performance is, what every band member loves on stage. These moments are gratification and energise the musicians to do what they want. Afterall, there are still more maniacs than we suppose! MMATA shared stages with HORSE THE BAND(US), PRO-PAIN(US), CATARACT(CH), TEXAS IN JULY(US), COUNTERPARTS(CAN), VENIA(US), TRIBUTE TO NOTHING(UK), EMIL BULLS(GER), SHOWYOURTEETH(AT), FIRE IN THE ATTIC(GER), EPHEN RIAN(AT), THIS FAMILIAR SMILE(SCO)

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