Album: "Colourise The Ocean"
Official Release: Sept 23th 2011
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(Limited Edition Digipak CD | 2011 Offtherecords)

01. Sanders & Carney
02. The Battle Between Real And Imagined Zombie-Related Ruggedness
03. Colourise The Ocean
04. Polaroids
05. As Grotesque As I Am
06. The White Shark's Palm Beach Massacre
07. Napoleonic Complex
08. Lion The Ground
09. Nine Good Friends In A Row Are Better Than Every Poker Night
10. Epilogue

Limited Edition Digipak
Mixing: Florian Nowak(Dailyhero Recordings,Berlin)
Mastering: Simon Hawemann(Moulder Masters,Berlin)
Art Direction&Photography: ATTIC-CONCEPTS.COM

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