Album: "Colourise The Ocean"
Official Release: Sept 23th 2011
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Welcome MMATAFUCKAZ (The MMATA Supporters Crew!)

“…once again I emerge out of the deep blue sea, breathing in this salty air.” Living in a period of time, where everything is running faster and faster concerning trends, changing attitudes and lifestyles we want to hold on for a moment to catch a breath. Because it’s not about the like-button on facebook, the money or the best marketing campaign. It’s about the passion for music and the honest ambition what you stand for. That’s the reason why we invented the MMATAFUCKAZ. It’s a connection between the band and everybody who is interested in ME, MYSELF AND THE AUDIENCE. It’s not because we want to create a kind of fanclub or recruit supporters. Fuck that behavior! It’s because we are so thankfully that YOU help us to keep that stuff alive! So fill out the following schedule and become part of the MMATAFUCKAZ!

Except the fact, that we really appreciate each and every one, we can offer you:
  • Free entrance to our liveshows when it's possible (we'll inform you)
  • A shop discount on all items we sell
  • First-hand information on what’s up and next with ME, MYSELF AND THE AUDIENCE
  • Free stickers, posters and flyers upon request (we hold your help in high regard)

This is gonna be so cool. Love you!
(Flo, Martin, Flow, Vinzenz)
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